Sunday, January 16, 2011

55 miles on the eve of 55

It does feel good to be home. I know, looking at my travel schedule one would think that I have a problem with Lubbock, but that's not so.

The weather has been really fine over these past four days, with freezing temperatures at night but nothing but sun during the day, warming things up so that bike riding is a pleasure. Yesterday, three of us logged 53 miles, and today's Sunday ride ended up being 55 miles long. I know of some folks who like to ride on their birthday the same number of miles as what their new age is, so by that rule I would have pretty much taken care of my birthday tomorrow. I remember when "55" sounded like "almost in the grave," but now it just means "the best years are about to start." How one's perspective changes.

Anyhow, the weather is supposed to be nice again tomorrow; maybe the wind stays rather calm as it has for the past few days and I can do another 35 or 40 miles, or so. In the evening a few friends will come over for a little birthday get-together, and otherwise it's going to be just another day.


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