Thursday, February 19, 2015


Exactly two weeks back in the US, and what do I have to show for it? Well, there was a buffer day before I left for the High School Mountain Bike season opener at Bluff Creek Ranch in Warda (927 miles of driving); there was a fabulous Valentine's dinner with Tom, Trish, and Janet, breaking in my new raclette (OK, there had been a "soft breaking in" the Wednesday before when Janet and I had to make sure the thing actually worked); there was a gorgeous Saturday that I spent with my buddies Carl, Bobby, and Donna (and others) riding the off-road Southland Loop; and there was that mesmerizing Harpeth Rising concert at Melissa Grimes' house.
Longhorns at Bluff Creek, unfazed by the high school students and their bikes
262 students meant a new record for TX HS racing
Framed by my friends Troy on (left) and Carl
Taking off on a 30+ mile loop just 30 minutes from Lubbock
Donna crossing the creek with the help of her tongue
Tom and Trish on Valentine's, experiencing their first raclette
The taxes are done, I've ridden a good 300 miles, the house is fairly clean, and I have made all the travel arrangements to spend Easter in Thailand where my old friend Stu just bought a bike shop, to add to his general woes. I've been working on some upcoming races, and I have enjoyed just being at home. Is it any wonder, then, that I am all packed and ready to leave for the Dominican Republic tomorrow? Seems the natural and common-sense thing to do, n'est-ce-pas?


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