Sunday, July 13, 2014

World Cup fever in Germany

Chocolate soccer ball in the Schokoladenmuseum Köln
Since our arrival in Germany on Wednesday afternoon I have been seeing more black, red, and gold than I have in a long, long time. Cars feature flags and German-colored hoods and mirror covers, shops offer cheap leis in the colors of the Vaterland, and otherwise normal-looking people have painted their faces. It's either the second coming of Hitler—or the soccer World Cup!!!
Could they be fans?
Tonight is the big game. Germany and Brazil are facing off in less than two hours, and Angela and I are taking a quick break from our exploration of Cologne to rest up for the much-anticipated final. I'm not sure yet where we will watch the game as most of the bars, pubs, and restaurants will probably be mega crowded, but if worst comes to worst we'll hang in the bar of the hotel lobby or even our room here in the Hilton. This afternoon, bands of semi-drunk men already hollered their songs, even if they knew only two words: "So schön, so schön, ..." and then they trailed off.

It will be a massive party night, and if Germany loses, well, it'll still be a party. If they win, no telling when we'll be able to sleep. I am sure fireworks are already stashed by the truckload.
The face belies the fact that Angela does not like Kölsch (or any other beer)
We will blend right in: Two days ago, while visiting the Nivea store in Berlin, Angela was given two free national soccer team shirts since Nivea is an official "partner" of the German team, and we're wearing them today (see above). As they say: If surrounded by the Romans, do as the Romans—or something like that.

I better stop so I can review the national anthem and don't start singing the forbidden one, the one that starts with "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles...."


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