Friday, June 21, 2013

It should have been triathlon weekend

Instead, it is "four weeks after surgery weekend." Hard to believe, but it's already been that long again. I wish I could report that I am walking without crutches and that all evidence of swelling is a thing of the past, but it's not so: I still limp around without being able to put any real weight on my right leg, and the knee, even though I can now bend it to about 90 degrees, still feels as if it has a big lump of concrete in it. In other words: This is not my first choice of vacation.
The Life of Pi, while working on getting to 95 degrees
Since my last post two weeks ago the weather here in Freising has turned from barely spring to sweltering summer. No, Henrietta, they really don't have air conditioning here, and that includes the otherwise extremely modern physical therapy place as well as 98% of the shops and stores and restaurants. So what does one do? Well, you guessed it, one goes skinny dipping in the nearest pond!
A furry dog and a nekkid retiree contemplate the heatwave ...
... while toads are waiting to mate ...
... and Sabine cools off
Seriously, it has been pretty rough for a few days. After all the rain the mosquitoes are out in force, too, and sitting in a biergarten necessitates bug repellant. I've been spending the past two weeks with PT and occasional limpages into town. Since everything takes a little—no, a LOT!—longer than usual I really don't read as much as I thought I would, and I am certainly not getting bored. As indicated in the title of this post, the Erdinger Stadttriathlon is going to happen in two days, and Sabine and I have gone out to the venue so that she could ride the bike route while I enjoyed Erdinger Urweisse in the obligatory biergarten. Since the sun doesn't set until almost 10 p.m. there's time left after work to do things.
Somehow these two delicacies have become a staple in my diet
Last weekend was a very busy one as Sabine's son, Jonathan, celebrated his confirmation. His dad, grandparents, uncles. and assorted other relatives came to town to help with the festivities, and we were altogether 13 normal folk and one gimp. Good thing that I usually travel with at least one decent shirt so that they didn't run me out of the church. The weather had already turned from grey to sunny, and thus the whole affair will be remembered in the most positive light. I certainly got my fill of family (and many a fine beer!).
80-year-old Opa Karl and the gimp take a siesta after Sunday's lunch
In ten days I am going to fly back to the US, and I have to say that I am looking forward to getting back to my normal home. Sabine has been wonderful in caring for me, and I am trying to take over as many little chores as possible, but I am so damn limited. Yesterday I cooked again for the three of us, but standing for any length of time makes the leg swell up and I am so slow moving around even a small kitchen. But things are getting better, in small doses, and my patience level has been high with only very few short fits of desperation. On Monday I'll start thinking about how I'll manage to re-pack my bike as I would like to take it back to the states, if at all possible. so far, every problem has found a solution, and I'll keep thinking along those lines. On that note I'll leave you with these two fun photos that I have also posted on Facebook but that I would like to preserve for myself, both taken while hobbling through town.
That urchin sensed that I was going to ride his Scoot away
Six-pack holder for four beers
Have a great weekend, and see you before long.


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