Monday, November 19, 2012

Two weeks after the election

When I look out of the front door, that's what I see:
Old Glory at half-staff because we have to live with Obama for four more years
My elderly neighbor across the street—otherwise not too meschugge and a rather pleasant lady—once again is flying her flag at half-staff because of "that" president that is not hers. After the last election, she was in mourning for a full three months; we'll see how long it takes her this time around to overcome the grief that we're led by this Marxist/Communist/Socialist/Nazi abomination who's Muslim and not Christian (all descriptions that I have read in the Letters to the Editor of our illustrious Lubbock Avalanche-Journal). The sign shows what could have been!
The last of these signs that I have seen over the past week—and it's in my neighbor's yard
Good thing I haven't told her about flying the flag upside down. Ah, you gotta love America where people can do almost anything (apart from burn a flag!).


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