Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A few more Tour of Utah impressions

Even though I made it back home to Lubbock last night, I'd like to share a few pics from the past week. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Tour of Utah, one of cycling's biggest road races in the USA. Granted, it doesn't have the same stature as the Tour of California, but not every state can be as cycling-crazed. First, here are a few race-related pics:
Barbie gets a free ride with the Race Doctor in his convertible

And that's the inside of the Race Doc's car—course profile, roster, radio all within reach
The caravan heads out

Not-so-rich Team Optum prepares for the arrival of its riders after Stage 5

If you watched TV footage, it came from these two fellows

The chief referee himself, M. Pierre Blanchard at the start of the Park City stage (6)
My right hand for the entire race, Heather—Master RV Driver!
And lest thou thinketh it was all about the race, well, re-think. I did get a chance to ride my Ritchey for almost 200 miles, and there was a lot to see.
As posted at the state-owned liquor store—at least there is no requirement to also
bring along one's six kids!

Downtown SLC as seen from the Jordan River Parkway bike path, which stretches for 40+ miles

Crosswalks are equipped with flags that pedestrians are to frantically wave when dodging traffic
Artwork is everywhere—this one in Park City
One can learn new words all the time ...
The Red Iguana serves what locals called the best Mexican food in town
And that's all for tonight, folks. Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for more updates in the next few weeks—maybe I'll post a photo of my new carpet once it is installed.


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