Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 5, 2012—Sunday impressions

Usually, I do not update the blog two days in a row. But after Sabine sent me some pics from Munich and I took various snaps today, I thought they'd make a nice vignette. Take it or leave it. I hope you take it.

Frozen sculpture, painted by Sabine
Montreux train station
The pillars of the program—Magali, Angeline, et Louise
A scene from Brueghel, captured by Sabine near Freising

Un vignoble en route d'Aigle a Génève, prêt du Lac Leman
The charme of the old world, passing by ...
Curling is not just an Olympic discipline, sayeth our correspondent from Freising
Hope you enjoyed this little excursion.


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