Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How I spent my birthday

Sometimes things turn out a little different than planned, and thus it happened yesterday when instead of finally spending a night at home I found myself in Houston, in the Baymont Hotel. Now, had a cool young thing whom I met in some airport lounge been the reason for that detour, well, that would have been OK with me. But when it is a mechanical problem on the Eagle to Lubbock, things are less exciting. And so I woke up this morning in Houston, anonymous and having to wish myself a Happy 56th. I made a few Skype calls to family and friends in Germany, and there were a few congratulatory e-mails and e-cards as well—thanks for thinking of me!
The roundabout way from Lubbock to Louisville and back
American was decent enough to pay for my hotel and even give me a few meal vouchers, so my big birthday meal was a hamburger at Chili's in Houston's George Bush airport. Yeah! My last flight of this long trip to Louisville was then taken on Continental, or United, or whatever they call it now. It sure felt good to finally get home.

And now I'll celebrate my birthday properly: I'll go for an energetic walk around the "tank," as my buddy Wes likes to call the neighborhood playa lake, and then I'll dig out a frozen pizza, jazz it up with ... well, I think there is some garlic left in the fridge, and have a nice glass of CH wine. Happy Birthday to myself—the real treat is going to come in 36 hours when I'll hop over to Madrid for the weekend to see my old British chum Howard and his family.


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