Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Long live Lazy King Jürgen (and Princess Allie)!

Once upon a time, the Hub City was ruled by a mighty king—but nobody seemed to know him since he was lazy and preferred to lounge around instead of showing himself to his underlings. But every year, around the time of Halloween, he would decide to venture out of his castle. And thus it happened again this year, when Lazy King Jürgen donned his bathrobe, his slippers, his beads, and, most importantly, his grand king's hat and regaled the children in the neighborhood by giving them candy. He then traveled to the young Princess Allie, who squealed with delight when she saw the bearded Lazy King—and she promptly ate a cup cake and squealed even more.
The King and the Princess

Yes, that's icing and not make-up
Later the king made more appearances around town and was even sighted in the presence of Little Red Riding Hood, who had also been regaling little children with Butterfinger Snackerz and other tooth-rotting goodies.
Little Red Riding Hood and the Lazy King
Hope you also had a fun Halloween!


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