Monday, October 24, 2011

The JAMjam

Three days ago, on Saturday, October 22, 60+ cyclists joined for the first Judy Austin Memorial ride, the JAMjam, here in Lubbock. Over the past few months, the Cure Cancer Foundation had prepared this fundraiser, and through my relationship with my good friend Martha, who works for the foundation, I was closely involved with the event.
October 22, 2011: The date of the first JAMjam
Let me describe the JAMjam in this way: It couldn't have been better than it was! It seemed as if everything was just perfect, from the beautiful weather (sunny, calm, mild temperatures) to the excitement of the riders (many of whom had not seen each other in years), from the post-event celebration to the accumulated donations from riders and sponsors who could not participate.
One of the rest-stops on the 50-mile route
The ride offered 10, 30, and 50 mile options, and I think everyone opted for the two longer rides. Some folks had traveled long distances—for example, Tommy and Diane had come in from Sedona (AZ), Sandi had traveled from Dallas, and Ronnie and his wife, Christy, had driven in from Amarillo. Donations came from as far away as California (thank you, John!), Wisconsin (thank you, Leo!), Oklahoma City (thank you, Terry and Leann!), and all over Texas (thank you Alex, Stanley, et al.). It sure was humbling to witness this outpouring of goodwill in the name of Judy and for the benefit of all those either facing this horrible disease now or waiting to be diagnosed one of these days—in other words, all of us!
Post-ride party time at CCF headquarters

Martha, Terri, and the rest of the staff of the CCF had beaten the pavement to find corporate sponsors who underwrote one expense after the other. At the risk of offending by not mentioning, let me just call out publicly Greg of DFC here in Lubbock, Kirk who owns Hills in Amarillo, and Michael of Wicked Beaver Brewing in Wolfforth. Live music was graciously provided by Mr. Mike Pritchard himself, and the catering by Rain Uptown was second to none.
The Wicked Beaver crew
Toward all the volunteers, riders, friends, family, CCF staff, and small and large sponsors I would like to express my very, very sincere thanks! Maybe one of these days we will not have to lose our loved ones any longer! See you next year at the JAMjam.
Cheers, amigos!
Christy and Ronnie came from Amarillo; please take time to read Ronnie's story here


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