Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mystery Airport of the Day sweepstakes

Now, wouldn't that be a cool feature for a blog? The "Mystery Airport"? You guess right, you get a trinket? Get three right in a month, and I'll take you along (you buy your ticket, I use my upgrade stickers to get you to the front)? Get six right in a year, and you get a signed t-shirt. Wow!

So let's get started now!

Today's mystery airport ... get both aircraft right and you'll be entered into the sweepstakes!

You dang cheaters know that I was flying to Hawaii today, and obviously you don't go through St. Louis (bad roof!) or JFK (bad thugs, always), so the right answer is of course: LAX.

My good buddy Carl picked me up this morning with all the crap I am lugging along. I feel like the Crumpets: three full-sized bags, the regular carry-on, and the Patagonia backpack with all the reading materials and electronics. What's up with that, you ask. Easy: #1, the Ritchey; #2 my dive gear; and #3 a few shorts and shirts and four bottles of vino tinto for the savoir vivre. Obviously I know how expensive really decent wine is in HI.

The first two flights (LBB-DFW and DFW-LAX) were rather pleasant—both on time and with fine service. Had an odd dude next to me on the LAX flight; the guy had never been in First and was playing with all the knobs and levers and ports there are in one of these seats. Good thing the flight attendant wasn't close by, what with the knobs and ..... It was bit embarrassing and I tried to keep my headphones on to avoid idle chatter as best as possible, but then he fell asleep after his second Coke. TGM!

The LAX Admirals Club has spiraled precipitously since my last visit. Used to be, you could get three decent draft beers, but now we're down to Gordon Biersch's Hefeweizen. Mind you, that's  not bad, but as the only choice (apart from bottled brews and non-beers such as Bud, Bud Light and MGD (no kidding, MGD!)? In an AC? Lokk at this array:

Admirals Club? WTF! Grrrrrrr.....

So, with alligator—or is it caiman?—tears in my eyes I'll bid you farewell until the next update.


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