Thursday, April 14, 2011

May I introduce myself: I'm the new camera

Hello there—I'm the new camera. Yes, the one that is supposed to stand in after Jürgen lost sight of my sister. Hard to believe, isn't it? And he claims he didn't even have any beer at that point! Anyhow, here I am, in my full mirror-incorrect glory.

We had to take that self-portrait in the bathroom of an Admirals Club in DFW. My oh my, I can already sense the life I will lead!

We're on the way to New Orleans. Jürgen supposedly will be "working" some big ol' race, or so he says. Seems to me like a good excuse to check out the Big Easy. I'm just along for the ride. We took off really early and stood by for a flight out of Lubbock. The wind was blowing at 40 mph, with lots of dust, so I stayed all cocooned-up in my cozy case. Jürgen was worried that a 45-minute connection time for the last flight to NOLA would be a bit tight, with all that weird weather, so that's why we left early. Worry wart! Well, we got out of Lubbock on a very bumpy flight (I think my self-portrait still shows some wobbliness), and now we've been making the rounds of the Admirals Clubs here in Dallas. Jürgen seems to know a lot of the people who work here, and they keep giving him these little coupons for nice drinks. Whatever!

Anyhow, just wanted to introduce myself so that you won't be surprised when you see really pretty pictures on the blog again. I have a certain clarity about me, am tiny, and sport a certain foolproofness that makes me very attractive. And I know that Jürgen falls for all that!

See you around!

The Lumix DMC FH-20


  1. Just wait until Jurgen puts a stick up your rear with tentacles that look like an octopus. Don't fret, its is just the tripod.