Friday, March 18, 2011

Update from San Juan

I should be hitting the rack by now (it is 10 p.m. and I'll have to be up by 4 a.m.), but I wanted to give you a brief update. Today was super busy, with meetings and briefing galore, and lots of running around. The volunteer draft marshals, as well as penalty tent volunteers, have made a very good impression; we'll have enough motorbikes; and the organizers are treating us not like second-rate citizens but as integral team members. Wow.

Los tres amigos—or the Three Stooges
 The venue has been established. Look at this transition area, in a stadium right next to the Hilton:

Transition with much room to spare
Everything seems to be falling into place. Everybody has a smile, and nobody gets upset—must be that warm Caribbean breeze! We ended the day with the opening banquet, where after food and drink (free for us staffers and VIPs) a local band played. The photo comes courtesy of somebody's iPhone since I had not brought the camera along.

Puerto Rican "Mariachis"

Maybe I'll be awake enough for another update tomorrow evening—but maybe it'll be Sunday. Gotta go to bed now....


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