Friday, February 4, 2011

Yes Henrietta, it does freeze in Lubbock, too

Those fine feet and legs are attached to my body, getting ready to warm up after a 20-mile ride this afternoon in temperatures around 32 but with a pretty good windchill. After limping in from Dallas on Wednesday, I spent yesterday hunkered down in the casa while the thermometer struggled to top 15 F. Dude, it's been cold! At night we've been getting close to the psychological zero barrier. We didn't get too much snow, but we sure got the cold. I know, this is absolutely nothing compared to what, for example, Chicago had to endure this week, but then, who'd want to live there? Or, for that matter, Fargo, ND?

So, knowing that with my upcoming trip to München my cycling days in February will be very scarce, I decided to take the truck to the outskirts of the Hub City (something I generally frown on, but unusual in-town road conditions warrant the occasional straying from one's principles) and ride on the dry shoulders of our Farm-to-Market roads. It wasn't pleasant, but it was probably 20 miles more than most club members covered on their two-wheelers today. And with the hot tub waiting to warm up the bones, there really aren't any excuses.

Nothing like a Sundance spa in the backyard after a cold workout
Last night my buddy Keebler and I had a boys' night here at the house, with yummy pizza and fine wine. Good company is about the best thing in the world. Every time I get together with buddies I realize how lucky I am to know all these great people. Tonight I'm going to spend time with Martha and Alan, eating Martha's patented old underwear (Ropa Vieja, a great Cuban meal) and most likely sharing too much beer with Alan, as usual. Ah, what a life.

Martha's Ropa Vieja

Stay tuned for an update from München in a day or two and, if you can this weekend, check out my new music section to the right—each link takes you to a YouTube concert video.

Have fun trying to stay warm!



  1. Eeeek! Too cold and wet to lure me out onto the roads. That, my friend, is why they have an indoor track at the rec center (for running rather than biking, of course). The lovely plate of cuban food is more to my liking.

    Hope you are that much closer to Munich today...enjoy! Jamming out to your awesome dead head music. Do ever listen to Phish or String Cheese Incident? I had no idea you are big on jam bands.



  2. Oh, you should see my 5,500+ songs on the iPod. That#s what keeps me sane traveling. Phil Lesh, New Monsoon, a tiny bit of Phish, not familiar with SCI--will have to check it out.