Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So close to Mickey Mouse

Just a quick hello from Anaheim and the LA basin. This morning I took the Eagle to DFW and then connected to Orange County where I was picked-up by John from Sho-Air, organizers of a UCI race in Saint Dimas in March. In what in my experience is an unprecedented move, Scott T. and Ty K. from Sho-Air decided to bring me out, ahead of the race, to get input and feedback. Well, I've come prepared, and I am sure the first US Cup race in March will be a true success. Tomorrow morning we'll inspect the course, after going over UCI requirements today.

Traffic patterns in Anaheim
Dinner was a tasty affair in a hip restaurant that catered to the palate. Great company, too—two of Scott's British friends joined us, and so did the two lovely ladies who are tied in varying degrees to Scott and Ty. Oh, did I mention the Chimay they had on tap? Great evening!


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