Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas 2010

Dear Friends around the world,

May this Holiday find you happy, with friends or family, healthy, and whatever prosperous and successful may mean to you personally.

Starting this blog on this particular day has maybe some far-fetched significance, at least for me: It is the start of something new. I have been sending e-mail updates regarding my whereabouts and peregrinations to some of you since that unhappy September 29, and your response has been very positive. Still, I always feel a bit like an intruder when I send you an e-mail—maybe you don't want to hear from me just then.

With this blog, I want to put the decision whether to participate in my life in your hands, not mine. It is easy to subscribe to this blog so there'll be an alert in your inbox that a new post has gone up. It's up to you to visit.

Uploading pictures (and many have asked for more pics) will be much easier, and your inbox won't get cluttered with megabytes of JPGs.

But maybe most important, this blog will allow me to go back in time and look upon where I was one month, one year, maybe longer ago. I think it can take on the role of a journal. Judy's blog certainly allowed us both (and now just me) to reflect on all that happened in those two cancerous years. It still has meaning, and will tomorrow. Maybe this blog can have some meaning, too. We will see how it will evolve and grow and what direction it will take.

So, that's my little Christmas present to you, if you so want. Come visit occasionally, or subscribe, or simply ignore it—whatever you may wish. It's Christmas, after all.


Thanks, Kai, for "enhancing" Rudolph!

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  1. Blog an excellent idea - love the picture with antlers! I dont mind emails though... Enjoy California. Love Celia x