Saturday, February 15, 2014

I've never met a stranger–it's just friends I don't know yet

The world from 45,000 feet—or just a bit of water at Reveille Peak
Isn't that a beautiful line? Well, my roommate for tonight, Tim G., who is the race mechanic at the Iris Stagner Memorial Stage Race in Mineral Wells, just uttered it: "I've never met a stranger–it's just friends I don't know yet."
One of the many, many time trial starts today–Joe Morgan is the Starter
Just a bit more than a week after returning to the US and Texas I find myself in this small place, just a few miles west of Fort Worth. I am part of a 10 person crew of USAC officials, working one of the early-season races in Texas. I don't get to work very many road races, but this is one of them. Today, I was the Assistant Chief Referee for the time trial, and tomorrow I will follow the men's Cat. 3/4 and 50/60+ fields.
With Kim Jennings (l) and Michelle Montaya of Bicycles Outback Racing
A week ago, I was in the Marble Falls area, at Reveille Peak Ranch, for the first of the Texas high school races. Angela came along to volunteer at her first bike race ever, and she enjoyed it. This weekend I am on my own, and thus Tim is my roommate. That's the way it works in sanctioned racing.
Six miles and a week ago at Reveille Peak
A week and two days. That's how long it's been since I returned from Germany. Valentine's Day has come and gone, together with a quiet meal; I have been in touch with Europe; life is normalizing.
Full-out sprint in one of the men's circuit races
Next weekend, there will be another high school race, at Rocky Hill, close to Smithville and Bastrop and Austin. Then immediately afterward I will be in Costa Rica for a week. Everything is a whirlwind, but I am trying to keep it all under control and in perspective.
Valentine's Atlantic sockeye salmon and Chilean sea bass
A big thank you to all the wonderful people in my life—everyone who is supportive and the ones who silently share. I know I'm not easy, and my life isn't either, but at least I try.
No sign from the mesquite that winter is close to being done–despite temps in the 70s
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