Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy 57th to myself!

Here I sit in a hotel room—which probably had its best days in the year of my birth, 1956—in northern Mexico while on a UCI assignment and contemplate past and future. Today is my birthday, and if it weren't for some e-mails and a present that I brought along from Wes and Susan it'd be a day like any other.

With a very young Sabine, anno 1977 in Luxemburg
Time flies, as you and I know. It's been more than 2 years since Judy died, and the moment is ever-present. It's been almost 3 years since my retirement, and that last day in the classroom feels like yesterday. I have been in the US for going on 36 years now, the better part of my lifetime. And those early days in Trier and Schleiden are just around the corner, too.
With family in Schleiden, 1977
Who knows how the future will shake out. If my health holds up and I don't run off all of my friends with rude remarks and snide comments, well, then I have it made. The house remodel will be finished in no time, and more exciting trips just keep lining themselves up. Like everyone I have my low moments but I try to overcome them as quickly as possible because there is so much beauty and love to be experienced.
With Howard, somewhere in the middle of Tunisia, 1976
So, I accept the b'day card from Korbel Cellars with the many, many champagne bottles on a magnificent b'day cake and say "Happy Birthday to Myself!"


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  1. Happy Birthday, my friend! Thanks for sharing those photos from the past...great photos no doubt:)

    Cheers -Scott