Saturday, December 15, 2012

The last race of the season!

So here we are, at the end of the season: one last race! I'm one more time in Waco, for the Outback Cyclocross Race, taking place this weekend, December 15 to 16. Yes, 2012. What a season it has been.

The run-up at the Outback Cyclocross Race in Waco
I'm grateful that race director Bryan Fawley (the original Cornfed) asked for my being here, and I am equally grateful that Bonnie Walker, our TX-USAC liaison, assigned me as Chief Referee. I am staying with my close friends Ian and Cath, and their cute 11-year-old Daria has given up her bed for me (and she even treated it with Fabreeze, so it smells good!). And 9-year-old Sophie is sitting next to me right now, watching Harry Potter in HD. The life that cycling has given me is so good. Oops, here come Elvis and Snowy, two white dog-things that are about as loving as Liz' Zia. So much human and canine love around me!

Since getting back from Mexico, life's been one blur: Working on the remodel, working on the house, working on the remodel, working on my fitness, working on the remodel, working on upcoming races, working on the remodel,.... aaaarghh! I am so looking forward to being done with the remodel and living the life of a normal retired dude.
Two of the finest, Matthew and Bonnie, and the Belgian Waffle truck
Next Wednesday  I'll be off to Europe for three weeks, or so. My upgrade cleared today, so it's going to be another pleasant experience. I'll see my dad, there'll be a chance to talk to Bux, and Sabine and I will spend some quality time, too—and take a side trip to Istanbul! And then it'll be 2013, and another year of racing is looming. The most exiting assiggnment landed in my in-box just three days ago: a 5-day stage race in Brazil. Yes, Brazil. To hell with the remodel, especially since I will have at least two races in January and February that'll keep me going.

So, what can I say other than wish you a very happy, happy Holiday Season? I wish I could mail you my Christmas letter, which I was ready to print out in multiple copies until I realized that I cannot—thanks to the remodel—find my last two years' X-mas correspondence, which means that I don't have addresses to mail my letters to. Damn.I was even prepared to pay the postage!

So here we go: Drive safely, love your family (or friends), and definitely do overeat. Please tune in for news from Germany and Turkey,


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