Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What 1,082 miles while perched on a narrow saddle will do for you

April was a good month. Well, all months are good months, at least for me, but it was an especially good month for riding my bike. It started with my trip to Las Vegas, where on the day after Leadman I had a chance to ride 53 miles all over town (see my April 1 post). And from there it just kept going. Not having any races that required air travel and thus extended absences from home meant that I was able to take out the Seven on an almost daily basis. The three Texas-based races allowed me to go out for a morning spin on Friday and still leave town in the afternoon.

On April 30, I counted my mileage for the month, and I had racked up a solid 1,082 miles—more than during any other month since my racing days (when I churned out about 250 miles on a weekly basis, 75 fewer in the winter, 75 more in the summer). Mind you, in the four months prior to that I had tallied exactly 1,100 miles, just 18 more.

Not only did I enjoy riding the bike (OK, there were a few of those super-windy days that totally sucked), but the best thing about all the extra exercise was this:
1,082 miles equaled a weight loss of 6.8 pounds
When I am home, I record my weight every morning after rolling out of bed. Daily fluctuations mean nothing if one averages the weight on a weekly basis (in blue, on the right side of the calendar). I am still way too heavy, but having lost almost 7 pounds (without swearing off beer and wine and decent meals) has been quite rewarding. The big challenge will be to keep the momentum going with week-long (or longer) trips to California, Europe, and New York coming up. But I am planning to take along my Ritchey on each of these trips, and I will try everything I can to squeeze rides in as often as possible. We'll see what the scales have to say in a month! 


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