Sunday, February 12, 2012

Post # 100: A nugget of sugar, and The Death Orange

Just as Father Frost made another frigid entry into Lubbock last night, seven close friends and I huddled around the dining room table for another edition of Feuerzangenbowle. With three "virgins" among the crowd, expectations were high what this strange "flaming cauldron of wine" would actually be all about. The spread of cheeses, salami, dips, and bread was exquisite, as always. Two bottles of CH wine and a few beers whet our whistles before the main attraction of the evening.
Alan works on the tit cheese while Martha's baked-over Camembert awaits slaughter
While Terri and Carl and Martha and Alan were veterans of Feuerzangenbowle, Tom, Trish, and Liz were the newbies. Liz had earlier saved the evening when she provided the cloves and cinnamon sticks to spike the orange that, similar to a sea mine, later floated in the pot with the hot wine. Alan's characterization of the small orb as The Death Orange from some sci-fi flick was spot-on—Liz in her OCD glory had placed the cloves in a perfect geometric pattern, creating the little brother of the Death Star.
Carl, oddly flushed, shows off The Death Orange
Five liters of cheap red, secret spices, said orange, and a cone of sugar that soon was reduced to a mere nugget (according to Tom) after being doused with 116 proof rum and being set afire—simple ingredients that produced great cheer and warmth of the heart and body. Trish swore that this was "the best thing" she had ever done in her entire life (exclaimed after her umpteenth refill). Oh my, did we have a great time. I hope you can watch this short video clip, showing the procedure:

Thanks to my pre-party admonitions, no brownies or other silly desserts showed up. Instead, Trish had heeded my call for class and had prepared a heapin' platter of chocolate-covered strawberries. I already know who is going to be re-invited next year!
Trish outdid herself!
It was a wonderful evening with some of my very best friends, full of laughter and good companionship. Judy always loved Feuerzangenbowle, and I am sure she would have approved of last night's pre-Valentine extravaganza.


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