Sunday, October 9, 2011

La Riviera Maya

Hola amigos! I hope this finds you well in climes where fall is making itself felt once again.

Morning coffee on the balcony
My current location is the Ocean Coral & Turquesa in Puerto Morales, on the Mexican Riviera just south of Cancun. This is hurricane season, but apart from daily afternoon showers I've been lucky. Daytime temperatures are in the mid-80s, and at night it cools off into the lower 70s. The hunidity is worse than it would be in the spring or summer, thanks to the daily rains, but that's why they have an ocean and three big pools here.
Puerto Morelos' fancy pier
I've been spending my time reading, riding the Ritchey (got caught in a pretty heavy deluge yesterday but then hit dry ground again), and attempting to make diving reservations. The latter has been a bit of a lesson in frustration, thanks to the local haphazard outfitters. Maybe I will actually get to dive tomorrow.
Nighttime at the Ocean Coral & Turquesa

This place is quite fancy, and the evenings are quiet and relaxed. The pools are illuminated, and one can sit in the breeze and watch the sea roll in or simply sip a cocktail. And the food is quite nice, too, as there are various themed restaurants (there's also a large buffet-style one) where one orders a la carte. Even at the risk of having to eat my words next time I'm invited at Martha and Alan's, I couldn't help but order the tiramisu. No, not all desserts are stupid, I'm afraid.
Quite a presentation in the Italian restaurant
It's Sunday morning, and breakfast beckons. After that another bike ride, more reading, and lots of floating and bloating. Hasta la vista,


PS: That bike ride deserves a post script. It was by far my worst ride of the year, one that I thought I would not be able to complete. On the way out (one can ride only south, west, and north from here, and I had ridden in the latter two directions already) I had a slight tailwind, enough to make it unbearably hot and muggy. The practically standing air was stifling, but I soldiered on, going easy and fairly slow. When it came time to turn around at the 16-mile mark, the wind provided some relief, but not much. And I think I had something going on inside of me since I became more and more fidgety, couldn't find a comfortable position on the bike, and finally had to throw up on the side of the road. I had enough water, but those 16 miles became longer and longer, and hotter and more humid. I was sweating like a pig and hurting like a dog, my speed dropping down to 12 and 13 mph. Oh, it was ugly. Somehow I made it back to the hotel where I immediately took a cold shower, drowned several cans of club soda, and then submerged myself in the pool. Half an hour later I realized that I had averted the heat stroke and was back among the living. Damn, that was no fun today. I'll have to be more judicious about future rides, I suppose.

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  1. Weel duh! Every honey badger knows that desserts are not stupid...stup!