Sunday, May 8, 2011

So what does a weekend in Lubbock look like?

Lo and behold, I spent a weekend at home! So, what would be more appropriate than to showcase weekend activities for this Mother's Day weekend?
Art in Lubbock? You bet!

Friday night, Liz introduced me to the FATT—the First Friday Art Trail. I had heard about this event before but had never attended. Essentially, various businesses and art galleries in downtown Lubbock open their doors to allow the natives to breathe some culture. The entire event is free, several places entice visitors with gratis beer or wine, and one runs into other folks whom one knows since this is a village, after all.

In the Underwood Center for The Arts
Saturday morning, of course, was spent riding the bikes. We had a nice group together and rode the usual 56-mile route out to the canyons near Slaton. The wind had mercy on us, and the temps didn't hit 97 F until later in the afternoon, just around the time when we all started thinking about the BARF. That was Alan's acronym for the Brisket Annihilation Regional Festival that Liz threw for the benefit of our group of friends—as she said, there was not just a big-ass but a huge-ass brisket in her freezer that was begging to be annihilated, and so we all descended on her place to help out. I made these fine poppers (using Anaheim, Poblano, and Jalapeno peppers and my own secret recipe for the filling). Nobody's guts were annihilated, thank goodness.
Poppers ready to go into the oven at the BARF
Mother's Day itself brought with it the usual Sunday beer ride, and it was just Smitty, Carl, Rod, and I who did the full ride, which once again was marked by relatively benign winds but high temps. Here you can see us at Lakeway Liquor, at 12:01 p.m., having the traditional quaff with only another 12 miles to go.
The oasis in the desert

From right, Smitty, Rod, Carl, and moi
Rod had a bit of tough time with the heat today, but he trooped on and we all made it back home, safe'n'well.
Rod taking it easy with a Landshark

Add to all these activities my working on something like five bikes and doing house chores, and you have an idea what routine life in Lubbock looks like. Next weekend: Las Vegas and Leadman.


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